Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Defining what we do

The Graham School of General Studies launched the Certificate in Human Capital Management last year to give human resource managers and other strategic officers the tools to design smarter workplaces and recruit and support talented, creative employees.

Like many of you, we are busy rebuilding the boat while we are at sea. The program has been a success. We feel like the questions at the core of the program, our approach to those questions, and the quality of the conversation in our classrooms distinguish us from any competing programs. Our instructors are all experienced practitioners, who are skilled at developing these topics in analytically challenging and professionally relevant ways. But, faced with requests from students, and a need to respond to the needs of the market, we are making some adjustments in the program.

We are trimming the program back from seven courses to four or five. The goal is to build a program that is more streamlined – to serve the needs of students trying to tool-up quickly – but just as rigorous and impactful.

We are retitling the program, to emphasize that the program is about talent management and building workplaces and processes that permit and encourage creativity, trust, and collaboration.

I need your help. We have two titles we are focus-group testing. Can you weigh in, by offering a comment?

Our leading candidate is Strategic Talent Management and Organizational Design. Another choice, which fared more poorly in our internal evaluation process, is Strategic Human Resource Management and Organizational Design. I would love to hear your opinion.

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Anonymous said...

I think the Strategic Talent Management version has more impact than the one with Human Resource Management. "Talent Management" terminology is more current in the field, and there is still a fair amount of baggage associated with HR Management given that many HR professionals struggle with operating at the strategic level.